Fan Stitch Lace Tape

Disclaimer: This pattern is NOT mine. I have simply written the instructions in English. The pattern is from this video in Spanish, by MilArt Marroquin.


Pattern is done is US crochet terms (single crochet, double crochet, triple crochet).


Items needed:

  • Crochet hook, size US 5 (1.9 mm)
  • Crochet thread (in the video the packaging says size 5), or embroidery thread,* in as many or as few colors as you like.**
  • Yarn needle.

*I didn’t have any crochet thread, but I have so much embroidery thread I don’t know what to do with it! So rather than go out and buy more material, I just used what I have. I think embroidery thread might have been just a little bit too thin, but it worked fine.

**In the original pattern, the lace is done all one color. But since I have a bajillion colors of embroidery floss, I decided to try something different and change colors every row. I really love how it turned out! So, it’s up to you. Do as many or as few colors as you like, and change colors whenever you like.



St – Stitch

Sl St – Slip stitch

Ch – Chain

Sc -Single crochet

Tr -Triple crochet




1) Chain 11, slip st into the first st to form a loop.

2) Chain 4 (this counts as the first triple crochet). Triple crochet 11 into the loop. Tr 1 into the 6th chain clockwise from the slip st made in step 1 (see image below). (13)

First row finished.

3) [Optional: Change Color] Chain 5 (this counts as the first tr plus the first chain 1). Turn your work, skip the first st and tr into the second. {Chain 1, tr into the next st} Repeat across. (13 tr separated by chain 1s)

“Chain 5 and turn…”

You should have this nice looking fan shape now:

Row finished.

4) [Optional: Change color] Chain 1, turn. {Sc, chain 2, sc} in each chain space across. At the end of the row, sc into the 4th chain from the bottom.

First fan finished!

Starting the next fan

5) [Optional: Change Color] Chain 7 (this will be the center of the next fan). Sc into the space between row 1 and 2 (see photo below).

Ch 4 (this counts as the first tr). Sc into the space between row 1 and the foundation chain.

6) Turn, tr 12 into the chain space of 7. (13)

Starting the round; one tr finished.

7) Repeat step 3.

8)  Repeat step 4.


Starting the third fan

9) [Optional: Change Color] Chain 7 (this will count as the center of the next fan). Sc into the space between row 1 and 2 (same as in step 5. Sorry I didn’t get a picture of this part).

10) Chain 4, turn, tr 12 into the chain space of 7.

11) Repeat step 3.

12) Sc into the third 2-chain space on the edge of the adjacent fan. (See the image below).

13) Repeat step 4.

Third fan finished.


Repeat steps 9-13 until the lace is as long as you want.




Make sure to pull firmly on all the ch 2 spaces (the ones created in step 4). This pulls the two scs closer together which helps the whole thing lie flat. My ribbon was looking really wiggly at one point, and I was wondering what I was doing wrong, then I noticed that I hadn’t been pulling the points up.




If anything is unclear or there are errors in the pattern, please let me know and I will fix it!