Tiny Sea Friends! Crochet Pattern Showcase

This post is a showcase of some patterns made by a blogger named Karissa.

I wasn’t originally planning on making this post, but here we are! These patterns were too cute not to share.

Here are the links to the patterns on her blog:

Just when I was first getting into crochet, I stumbled across Karissa’s blog and found her octopus and whale patterns. I love these patterns because they’re simple and quick to make! Plus, they’re adorable. 🙂

These are excellent patterns for beginners.

Day of the Octopuses

(Pattern by Karissa)

I love these octopuses so much! They’re so cute! They were the first crochet plushies I ever made. Well, the red one was specifically the first.

To be honest, my octopuses ended up looking more like squids than octopuses. The red one really makes me think of a Kraken (or giant squid) because of the elongated body. I think I used a crochet hook I what was too small, and that’s why they ended up long. (I don’t have a size G/7 4.50 mm hook). The green octopus is rounder because I crocheted less rows in the body.

The tiny rainbow octopus was made with super thin yarn and a teeny crochet hook.

Can You Stare Like a Whale

(Pattern by Karissa)

This is Ormi, my tiny whale! 🙂 Isn’t she’s adorable? I made her soon after I made the octopuses.

Her flower was made with embroidery thread and a very small hook (I think I used a US size 5 hook). I don’t remember what pattern I used for the flower, but there’s a bajillion simple flower patterns out there similar to it.

Shark Attack!

(Patterns by Karissa)

As you can see, these patterns are quite similar to the whale pattern. From right to left, we have an orca, a goldfish, and a shark. The blog also includes patterns for a dolphin and seal.

I made these three as gifts for my grandpa last Christmas. Many years ago I made him a little whale to hang from his keychain. He still has the whale, but I thought he might like a few more sea creatures.

I think this goldfish is especially cute.
Orca! Those white spots were hard to embroider.
I think the shark is my favorite.








I noticed that in the original pattern, the shark tail was exactly the same as the whale’s tail. I really like shark tails, so made a new tail pattern that’s more shark-y.

Chain 13, turn, skip the first chain. In the next 6 chains: slip stitch 2, single crochet 2, hdc 2. Skip 2 chains, sc into the next 2, then sl st into the last two chains. Tie to two tail ends of yarn together and weave them in. Sew the tail vertically onto the body.

I made this graphic for fun because I had the spontaneous urge to draw tails. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I also liked the idea of having pointy fins on my shark. Round nubby fins are cute, but I personally think they look better on a whale or fish. So here’s how I did the fins instead:

Pick up a st on the side of the body. Chain 5, sl st into the 3rd st from the hook. Then sc into the stitch just behind the first (the one that you picked up from).


If you want to see more of Karissa’s crochet patterns, check out her blog! She has many other cute crochet patterns that are worth seeing.